Towards a new economic history: women and Antiquity / Hacia una nueva economía histórica: mujeres y Antigüedad

Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla, 14 to 16 November 2023

Announcement and Call for papers:

We are very pleased to announce the celebration of the first conference of the international, cross-disciplinary network Engendering Ancient Economies (EAEN), which will take place from 14 to 16 November of 2023 in Sevilla. This conference will be possible thanks to an awarded grant of the Spanish Ministry of Equality. The Network and the Conference aim to bring women to light as key players in ancient economies, and to promote gendered and intersectional perspectives in the field of economic studies of pre-modern societies.

Despite the rising impact in recent decades of gender studies in fields like Classics, Ancient History, Near-Eastern Studies, Egyptology and Archaeology, economics remains an area largely dominated by male actors, ancient and modern. The objectives of this foundational conference and of the EAEN network are to promote the study of the economic role of women in antiquity and the work of female historians interested in ancient economies, to generate a constructive debate about traditional male perspectives in economic history, to denounce gender discriminatory practices, to propose inclusive and fairer practices in academia, to propose and promote new gender perspectives in studies of economic history and economic theory, and to support research students and early careers interested in gender and pre-modern economies. Our network and conference welcomes research students, early-career, and established researchers around the world.

Confirmed speakers include: Claire Taylor, Astrid van Oyen, Marguerite Ronin, Sofia Piacentin, Claire Holleran, Cristina Soraci, Saskia Roselaar, Iza Romanowska, Candance Rice, Miriam Groen-Vallinga, Marta García Morcillo, Emilia Mataix Ferrándiz, Cristina Rosillo-López, Mariagrazia Rizzi, Pablo Varona Rubio and Giulia Vettori. There will be two keynote lecturers: Manuela Martini and Laurence Fontaine.

We welcome abstracts of a maximum of 500 words for papers that could suit in the following thematic sections (deadline for proposals: New extended deadline!: 6 March 2023. Please, send the proposals to Cristina Rosillo-López ( 

-History of the ancient world and feminist economics

-Discourse and practice of the economic and financial role of women in the ancient world

-Archaeology, gender and economic history

-Invisibility of women in the ancient world and its impact on the research

-Future of the discipline and transfer of results

-Quantitative and qualitative studies on the economic role of women in Antiquity

-Mentoring session: economic history of the ancient world and early careers (session open to research students as well).

-New economic theories and the premodern world

Our network is inclusive and open to anyone interested in the subject of gender and ancient economies.

For any queries about the conference of the network, the themes and the abstracts, please do email

EAEN blog:

On behalf of the organizing committee:

Marta García Morcillo

Emilia Mataix Ferrándiz

Cristina Rosillo-López


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