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Conference: Towards a New Economic History: Women and Antiquity

  Towards a New Economic History: Women and Antiquity Hacia una nueva economía histórica: mujeres y Antigüedad Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Carmona, 14 to 16 November 2023 The first conference of the international, cross-disciplinary network  Engendering Ancient Economies  (EAEN) , took place from 14 to 16 November of 2023 in Carmona (Sevilla). This event was possible thanks to an awarded grant of the Spanish Ministry of Equality. The Network and the Conference aim to bring women to light as key players in ancient economies, and to promote gendered and intersectional perspectives in the field of economic studies of pre-modern societies. Despite the rising impact in recent decades of gender studies in fields like Classics, Ancient History, Near-Eastern Studies, Egyptology and Archaeology, economics remains an area largely dominated by male actors, ancient and modern. The objectives of this foundational conference and of the EAEN network are to promote the study of the economic role

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